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From US$ 2,520
A small multilingual country with a great blend of the old historic with the new; from centuries-old castles to innovative art museums. SEE MORE
From US$ 1,920
Home of the world's largest biodiversity in the Amazon, this country is also known for being the largest coffee producer in the world.Brazil is a beautiful country with huge gap between the rich and the poor. Enjoy parties a la Brazil while trying to make a difference for Brazillian people
From US$ 2,420
Home to the Muisca (or Chibcha) civilization where the legend of City of Gold was originated. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,600
Costa Rica
This stunning country has some of the best environmental policies among UNDP nations. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,920
Dubbed as the happiest place on Earth, Denmark has the world's most flexible job market and one of the world's highest levels of education.  SEE MORE
From US$ 2,770
Dominican Republic
As the most visited destination in the Carribean, Dominican Republic houses America's first cathedral, castle, monastery, and fortress. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,752
This most developed country in the Pacific is widely known for its stunning white sand beaches. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,232
Home of the largest waterfall in West Africa, this country is also famous for its cocoa export. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,512
This stunning country over the Mediterranean coast is rich with ancient mythology and the start of Western Civilization. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,045
The most populous country in Central America as well as one of Mesoamerica's biodiversity hotspots SEE MORE
From US$ 2,110
This country is where thousands of years worth of Hindu traditions integrate with its thriving modern population. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,440
A country with tremendous architectural heritage of Buddhist and Colonial influence. SEE MORE
From US$ 3,632
The country is always vibrant with its sunny weather, friendly people, and tasty tacos. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,264
Experience enchantment as you travel through the souk and beyond towards the picturesque architectural landmarks. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,200
The birthplace of Buddha and home to many Buddhist temple, with Mount Everest towering in the horizon. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,320
A country with a rich history, as the Incan empire are famous for its gold, and its grandiose citadel Machu Picchu. SEE MORE
From US$ 2,600
This hidden gem of a small archipelagic nation boasts crystalline waters beyond its shores and nature unlike anything you've ever seen SEE MORE
From US$ 2,832
South Africa
The birthplace of Nelson Mandela, the southernmost country of Africa carries a rich culture and history in its name SEE MORE
From US$ 1,863
Spain is known for its giant football clubs and home to modernism artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali SEE MORE
From US$ 2,264
The most linguistically diverse country in East Africa where the Mount Kilimanjaro is located SEE MORE
From US$ 2,392
This Southeast Asian gem is truly a sight to behold, from its serene temples to its bustling city life SEE MORE